Sunday, June 19, 2005

Drug Addiction Help Line

Addiction does not need to be permanent.

Complete rehabilitation is possible and has been achieved by many. Our job is to get the addicted person - whether yourself or someone you love - into an effective drug rehabilitation program.

Get help now!

Methadone clinics do not restore a person's life but just change the drug of choice to methadone. This makes it legal for an addict to get a fix as needed. This method makes billions of dollars for the clinics so is not intended to get someone drug free. Methadone is much harder to quit than any other drug that the person was taking before (including heroin). This method just adds to the problem.

Rapid detox rehabilitation facilities also give the addicted person anti-depressants. Once again another drug is added to the existing problem. Anti-depressants bring with them various side effects, one of which can be permanent damage to the nervous system. This causes many future health problems as well as adding to the feelings of depression and failure.

Drug free rehabilitation is the only way to help someone overcome their drug addiction and get back their life and happiness.


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