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This is a wake up call to anyone with a child. Following are two reports of deaths of children, very sad stories that could have been prevented had the parents and their children been armed with the tools of knowledge. "Some of you may be thinking that situations like these only happen to other people and they will never happen to you," says Joanna Young of the Drug Addiction Help Line (

Coroner's report

Eighteen-year-old female who attended a rave party between the hours of 2230 and 0230 hours at a vacant lot. Mother of decedent picked her up at which time the decedent appeared to be under the influence. Mother drove straight to Good Samaritan Hospital where decedent told staff that she had taken 3 Ecstasy pills at the party. Decedent kept in ER and monitored until about 0800 when she was released with doctor telling the mother that she would probably sleep for 18 hours and wake up with a headache. Decedent unable to get to car on her own and seemed to sleep the entire trip home to Sylmar. Decedent put to bed and checked on every 30 minutes or so by family. When checked on at about 1600 hours she was found not breathing so family called 911. Decedent taken to Olive View Hospital where she was declared dead in the ER at 1701 hours.

Coroner's report

On 7/11/01 shortly after 2000 Hrs the decedent, a 12 year old, was given ½ an “Ecstasy” tablet by her 16 year old boyfriend during a kiss. Shortly after they had sex, then ate and watched TV. At approximately 2130 Hrs she began convulsing, vomited then passed out. 911 was called and paramedics responded to the scene. They found her in full arrest, began CPR and transported her to LAC/USC. When she didn’t respond to resuscitative measures, death was pronounced at 2312 Hrs. The boy friend is in custody APD."Note that this is a common method used by young kids to share their experience," adds Ms. Young."

As you can see these are sad stories, but we are all responsible for making sure that they happen less and less. Children need to be fully equipped with all the information they need to make an informed decision.""During the course of this research, children that were being interviewed actually broke out in tears, they were so sure that friends they knew were doing drugs, were going to die.""We have an opportunity to reach kids with information about this drug before they go down the dark side of using Ecstasy. I hope this story illustrates the importance of this for all of you."

For help with overcoming drug and alcohol addiction or to request drug education personnel to your school or group, go to

-- Ms.Joanna Young has devoted 16 years to helping people, from all walks of life; free themselves of drugs and alcohol.


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