Tuesday, August 23, 2005

September is Drug Addiction Recovery Month - Why Kids Take Drugs


As our kids grow up and spend less time with us because of academic or sports activities, concerts and parties, they are introduced to newsituations that not only seem promising but are in fact dangerous.”A recent survey of parents revealed that their biggest concern with regards to kids taking drugs was their ‘health’ (not dying or addiction)”, said Joanna Young of DrugAddictionHelpLine.com.

"Why are kids turning to drugs at an alarming rate?"When asked what parents felt they could do to help keep their kids from taking drugs; they said "better parenting," "close relationships," "spending more time with their kids." Some of us may think it is the "parents' fault." Others can blame the schools for not doing their job.

Where did all this drug use come from? How did this attitude towards taking drugs change over the last 200 years? Think about it. Did we have Prozac 200 years ago? How did we, as a society, deal with "depression" back then? More importantly, how has an entire population mind-set changed from hardly any knowledge of or need of drugs, to one that tends to rely on drugs for a quick fix?

As we all know drugs are an international epidemic. While there are many reasons for this the one thing that we can all do is get more educated and ensure that our kids are informed. For help with overcoming drug or alcohol addiction or to request drug education personnel to your school or group, go to www.DrugAddictionHelpLine.com


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