Monday, August 22, 2005

September is The National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month

Addiction destroys countless lives, shatters families, and threatens the safety of our neighborhoods. “Drug and alcohol abuse destroys the hopes of men, women, and young people and takes a terrible toll on society”, said Joanna Young of

National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month provides an important opportunity to promote the values that have given people the strength to beat drug and alcohol abuse and remain drug-free. This year's theme is, Join the Voices of Recovery: A Call to Action; emphasizes the critical role of communities in encouraging individuals with substance abuse problems to seek help. While those who suffer from addiction must help themselves, it is also crucial for family, and friends, to support those fighting to overcome substance abuse as well as becoming more educated on preventive measures.

Those in recovery have always played a key role in helping others achieve healthy lives. They can convey important information about the toll of alcohol and drug addiction and the benefits of recovery, inspire others to succeed, and allow young people to learn valuable lessons about their experiences.

We encourage individuals to take an active role in advocating for making community treatment centers and recovery services an integral part of the public health.

Staying clean and sober is a lifelong responsibility, and those who succeed improve their health, can better enjoy their family and friends, and are more likely to find success in the workplace. We celebrate the success of those in recovery, but we must help those still suffering from dependence and battling addiction.

We must continue the fight against alcohol abuse and the toll it takes on our society. Together, we can achieve these goals, help save lives, and restore hope to individuals and families. For help with overcoming drug and alcohol addiction or to request drug education personnel to your school or group go to;


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