Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Changing The Way Kids Think

Where do kids get most of their education these days? Who is the one teaching them? Most importantly, who are the one's teaching the teachers? Can you recall when you were young what kinds of things you were taught? How about the 4 food groups? Everyone knows that to be healthy you must eat using the 4 food groups right?

The fact of the matter is that General Mills launched a very detailed PR campaign to the school principals and educators around the nation about how grains are a critical part of your diet. They even had medical experts endorse this. So what was the result of this effort? A complete educational program implemented at a national level, in all public schools, about the importance of the 4 food groups in our diet.

Did you know this PR campaign was done in the 60's? Now think about that for a minute. Then think about your thoughts on grains. What do you believe about them? Now where do you think that INITIAL information came from? For most of us it was from our education in school, starting with elementary school.

The same thing has happened on the subject of drugs. Our educational system has been infiltrated by schools of thought such as "There's good drugs and bad drugs" or "Addiction is a disease." When a young child learns things like this from their teachers in school, who are taught this by someone else, it becomes part of their thinking pattern. They grow up thinking in this way. So the first time they see their friend Joe smoking marijuana, and Joe is laughing and having a good time, they think it must be a good drug right? Or they think their parent is diseased because of their drinking problem and there is no hope for any cure.

Ok, so what is the solution to this type of "Thought Control" going on in our schools? Plain and simple, get them the Truth About Drugs. If we are going to change the way our society thinks about drugs 10 years from now, we better start now!

For help with overcoming drug and alcohol addiction or to request drug education personnel to your school or group, contact:



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