Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Do You Know What Candy Flipping Is?

Getting dressed up for Halloween and going trick or treating down the street has always been a great way for us to satisfy our sweet tooth and have a little fun in the process. But candy has taken on a whole new meaning. More importantly, there is a new trend called "Candy Flipping". No, it's not flipping the candy in the air. It is actually a new trend where drug users mix Ecstasy (MDMA) with LSD. That's right, as if Ecstasy was not bad enough! (The drug Ecstasy, of "E" is a hallucinogenic stimulant.)

So if you thought Ecstasy might be a passing phase, think again. Remember hearing about LSD in the 1960's? That was 4 decades ago and LSD is still popular and in fact part of the mainstream drug culture. What is interesting to note is that a majority of Ecstasy is imported. Atlanta Georgia, for instance, serves as a distribution point for Ecstasy and, according to NDIC (National Drug Intelligence Center); most of the Ecstasy is produced in Northern Europe and flown in to the USA.

Just to add a little more sweetness into the mix, Ecstasy has gone Hollywood. That's right, now you can get pills with names like Batman and Spiderman, among others. Can you imagine a kid being offered a "Spiderman" pill?

You see, it's not only the drugs; it is all about their marketing and promotion. That is one thing that kids need more information about. Ecstasy and other drugs are advertised and marketed is a subject not taught in today's schools. Therefore we need to be educated on this immediately and as adults need to ensure that our kids are safe. The last thing we need, are kids asking their friends to take a "Spiderman" pill!

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