Saturday, March 18, 2006

Drug Rehab - I Gave It Up And Got A Life

"Meth addiction results in tremendous personal torment. Desperate meth users who’ve been deprived of their fix have been observed picking and eating scabs off of their bodies, along with going to the extreme of drinking their own urine in an effort to try to find enough meth chemicals to get high" said Joanna Young of the

Following is a true story of a person who beat this addiction:

"I am a single mother with two children and the life I had made for us came crashing down after I developed a serve addiction to methamphetamine, pain killers, and marijuana. We had suffered the loss of my fiancé in a motorcycle accident, that I witnessed, just before Christmas in 2003 and my inability to confront our loss fueled my drug use and subsequent addiction.

After I started using on a daily basis it didn't take long for me to lose everything, most importantly, my children and our home, my job, my vehicles and all communication with my family. I was using and using and finally began selling the drugs to maintain my habit. After being arrested many times and facing the loss of my freedom I thought that rehabilitation was a waste of time and that I would never be able to live a life without those drugs to help me function. The truth is I was not functioning with the drugs only I didn't know it.

My family came to me very gently and pleaded with me to get some help because they were in constant fear for my safety. When my family said to me that they did not want to visit me in one of three places, living on the streets, in prison, or at the cemetery, I knew that it was time to let them help me help myself. My oldest brother located this rehab for me on the internet and even though I was very resistant to rehabilitation I agreed to try it. I came to the program in September 2004 with no hope of ever being clean. It wasn't long after I entered the program that I realized I really had a problem, I needed help and that these people cared about my ability to be successful.

My family's unconditional love for me, the brilliant processes of this program, and amazing staff saved my life.

I now work for the rehab facility and have dedicated my life to helping others put the pieces of their shattered lives back together. The pride I see in my children's eyes has been worth every ounce of struggle I faced. This program has given back the child my parents so desperately missed and the mother my children so desperately needed."

Holly C.
Drug Rehab Program Graduate and Staff Member

Drug rehabs: for help with overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, go to;


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