Friday, March 17, 2006


According to the most recently available statistics, in one year there were 46,600 admissions for drug treatment in Los Angeles County. 42,000 of these had had prior emergency room admissions. Based on the user’s principal drug of choice, the following percentage reported that they had failed from one to six times in earlier attempts to get drug-free: Methamphetamine 52%, Cocaine 60%, Heroin 79%.

An unavoidable conclusion is that tens of thousands of addicts yearly are recycling through LA County’s drug treatment system. To improve these statistics, to save huge expense, and, most importantly, to save more lives, our County deserves to have every rehabilitation program model available.

Per national survey the average outcome of drug rehabilitation programs Is 20% “improvement”— not drug free, just improvement (reduced drug use) Hence, the revolving door of relapse reported above. Not one of our communities can truly escape the consequences of this continuing crisis. Whether inner city, affluent suburb, or rural countryside, no community is immune.

In fact, our Southern California rural areas are even more challenged. This is where methamphetamine production and use is most on the increase. Meth hospital admissions rose 150% from 2000 to 2003, higher than any other drug, paralleled by the rise in distribution of “ice,” the extremely addictive smoke able form of meth. In addition, the street purity of meth is increasing. Our County is being targeted for meth sales. The broader LA County region now accounts for 55% of California meth lab busts, 41% being reported as ‘super labs’ (producing a lot of the drug.) LA County deserves the right and opportunity to get better results, and our communities need them in order to be safer, more secure, and more peaceful.

Joanna Young, national president of states
"For millions of individuals personally caught up in the trap of drug addiction or alcoholism, and for the millions of others who are also directly or indirectly affected, effective drug rehab centers provide a real and workable route to communities free from drug and alcohol abuse.”

Drug rehabs: to find an effective rehabilitation facility and to get help with overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, go to;


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