Sunday, March 12, 2006

Welcome to Drug Addiction Help Line

Are you losing a loved one to drug or alcohol addiction? Is addiction destroying your life and happiness, or the life and happiness of someone you love?

Addiction does not need to be permanent; complete rehabilitation is possible and has been achieved by many.

Our job is to get the addicted person - whether yourself or someone you love - into an effective drug rehabilitation program.

Methadone clinics do not restore a person's life but just change the drug of choice to methadone. This makes it legal for an addict to get a fix as needed. This method makes billions of dollars for the clinics so is not intended to get someone drug free. Methadone is much harder to quit than any other drug that the person was taking before (including heroin). This method just adds to the problem.

Detox/rehabilitation facilities also give the addicted person anti-depressants. Once again another drug is added to the existing problem. Anti-depressants bring with them various side effects, one of which can be permanent damage to the nervous system. This causes many future health problems as well as adding to the feelings of depression and failure.

Drug free rehabilitation is the only way to help someone overcome their drug addiction and get back their life and happiness.

Rehab Programs Using 12 Step

First there is the 12 step Recovery Model. These methods are better known as Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. 12 Step was developed in 1934 by two Alcoholics who found a way to stay sober with these steps usually 21- 28 days. Some private facilities offer longer term Case. It has been around the longest and there was some moderate success in the beginning. When hard drugs showed up into our culture it was a natural progression to use 12 step methods on these addictions, as there was nothing else available. The method grew across the nation, as there was nothing else that was available to be used. For this simple reason 12 step is available almost anywhere. Today the success rate is approximately 5%-10% depending on the facility you choose. Private Facilities will yield a somewhat higher rate of success.

Drug Rehab Programs using Behavioral Modification.

Second there is the Behavioral Modification Method. Behavioral Modification was developed to work on the A Social Personality, or a person who was self centered. This method relies on boot camp style tactics where the individual is berated by groups of peers and then hopefully rebuilt into a more social person. There has been some use for this method with young teenagers who are on a warpath to destroy society. However the success is only very marginally about 10%, in most cases other methods are recommended. Due to that reason very few drug rehab centers use this method.

Drug Rehab Programs using Long Term Religious method.

Third is the long term religious based model of treatment. In this methodology the individual is required to go away for 1 – 2 years, and work on a farm. Example: Farming. This method is also combined with a heavy religious aspect of prayer, and bible study. The success rate is hard to determine as only about 10% of people will make it to the full completion of this method, however of those completing it will be around 20% - 40% who stay clean form hard drugs. Due to the long term it is usually not available to most addicts, and waiting lists are long.

Drug Rehab Programs using Bio- Physical method.

Fourth is the Biophysical rehabilitation. This method gets toxins out of the body in a purification sauna. What was found through research is that the human body will store a residue called a metabolite in the fat tissue for 5 – 7 years after drug abuse. This Residue causes cravings, anxiety, and depression. Also the drugs like heroin, oxycontin, cocaine, and meth are more powerful than the chemicals the brain produces to be happy. It takes 1 year for this chemical balance to be restored.

The Biophysical method uses a purification sauna, and vitamins to release residues stored in fat tissue so that there are no more cravings, anxiety or depression caused by the drug abuse side effects. The chemical balances also will come back much faster with the exercise and vitamins. This enables the person to have a fighting chance.

This type of drug rehabilitation center will use social educational classes to restore or build skills to make the individual a drug free and productive member of society. Drug Rehab Programs with this method are having a success rate of over 76%.

This is why Bio-Physical drug treatment centers are usually recommended for the drug addiction’s of our society today.


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