Saturday, August 30, 2008

Drug Rehabilitation, again and again...

Many of people who already drug rehab threaded  have an aversion to starting over.  Sometimes when things in life are not working for them in their area of their life a little tweaking will do.  Sometimes it involves a change of focus or direction.  Other times it may be more efficient or even necessary to simply start over.  Still other times they may have no option but to start over on paid or free rehab center.  The situation may have deteriorated to the point there is nothing left to work with.  In drug rehab treatment often a person is looking at starting over in at least one or two areas of their life. 

Their addictive behavior may have cost them a job or a career.  Legal issues may have made it impossible to work in the same area as they were previsously employed.  Relationships may have come to an end.  Often clients are faced with divorce.  This always means starting over.  Often we fight and hang on in situations were starting over would make sense.  It probably stems from our fear of failure.  If we are starting over, we must have failed, or at least the voice in our head would want us to think that.  There are at least two errors is this line of thinking.  One is that you may not have failed at all.  Ten years down the road we often see that what we thought was failure was simply a leaning experience or stepping stone to success.  The other mistake is that you are never truly starting over.  

Even if financially or otherwise it looks like you are back at square one, you are not.  You have the wisdom and experience of what you learned.  You cannot help but do a better job the next time because you have a whole list of things you know do not work.  You have another list of things you know you will handle differently.  These two lists are always a valuable asset.  What starting over really might be considered as trying again with a head start.  Funny how changing the words a little bit in a definition can make all the difference.  Drug rehab is not starting over. 


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