Monday, September 8, 2008

Find free drug rehab !

Making the decision to get help for a drug or alcohol problem takes you a giant step forward to your drug abuse to normal state recovery. Unfortunately, for those people without good health insurance, and without the savings they would need to pay for an expensive private drug or alcohol rehab, finding a facility that will take us in can be challenging, and point is to find good free drug rehab.

First You need to decide what concept you are believe in 12 step or non 12 step drug rehabs, when you choose on of those 180 degrees different approaches to drug rehab problematic, then you need to find appropriate drug treatment.

Rehabs can be expensive, up to $35 000 a month or even more for a private facility, and impossibly out of reach for many peoples. There are some very affordable drug (and alcohol) rehabs that operate as non profit or charity entities, but they can be tough to find, and may also operate with significant waiting lists, so you can choose free or paid drug rehabilitation program or sober.

Free Drug Recovery Housing

One often overlooked option is bypassing drug rehab completely for recovery housing. It will not provide detoxification services, and in general will offer very limited therapy; but for some, they offer enough to get keep you sober during those first very tough months.

It is simply a shared residence where all members of the household are addicts or alcoholics in recovery. Most houses will mandate an active (daily) participation in AA or another form of 12 steps group involvement, and all will demand that you abide by certain rules of the house. No drug or alcohol use is permitted, in any situation, and if you do use, you will not be allowed to stay.

Very Affordable and free Drug Rehabilitation

There are some very luxurious (VIP) recovery homes and clinics, somet operate as non profit entities and individual costs are only as much as is needed to offset house expenses. With as many as 8,16,24  or more residents in a household, each person's share of the bills is very affordable, and in most cases - even if you have no a lot of money - you can be accepted into the house with the understanding that you will gain employment and start to contribute your fair share.

As all residents are in a similar situation of recovery and temptation, there is a great feeling of mutual support within the house. Free Drug Rehab addicts learn from one another how to live without intoxication, and learn once again how to enjoy life without chemicals. A lot of us begin our journey through recovery without a strong sober support network. All of our old friends still use, and loneliness can be a real problem, loneliness can trigger relapse. Recovery house friendships are the rule and not the exception.

Residents in general stay for as long as they want to as long as they feel they need to. An average stay is about 1 year, although some people will stay much longer than this!

If you don't know where to go, and if you don't have the money for a private drug rehab, consider a recovery house, it might be what you've been looking for. It may be for someone better than any paying drug clinic or some expensive drug rehab centers, so if you are out of money and have problems with drugs, don't give up there is a lot of safe houses that will offer you free drug rehab programs and centers.

UPDATE:If you are looking for 100% no cost rehab, please visit this link, since I found out that many programs and detox clinics that I described on this blog are actually not free, mostly from users experience who contacted them and then messages me about that, so I am looking for help in creating REAL FREE DRUG REHAB resource.


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