Friday, February 6, 2009

Maybe christian drug rehab will give better results?

What is christian drug rehab? I wrote about many other aproaches, but didn't about this: religion and drug rehab. Maybe to atheists that will not sound good but I think that is worth to try. Here is what I found on one popular source for christian drug rehab:

"Christian drug rehab centers and Christian drug treatment programs are some of the most effective programs for the Christian seeking a life without drug addiction. We have researched many Christian drug rehab centers and have compiled a list of the most effective Christian drug treatment programs . Please don't hesitate to get yourself or someone that you love into a Christian Drug Rehab center.  Don't put off today as tomorrow may never come for someone that has a drug addiction. God only helps those who help themselves so take the first step and start on the path of recovery now. Let us guide you into the light from out of the dark.  
God does not show favoritism but accepts men from any Nation who fear him and do what is right. This passage is taken out of Acts 10 and can be interpreted that now matter where you come from you will be accepted into the house of the Lord. Once we have asked for forgiveness for our past transgressions nothing can be called unclean that God has made clean."

I hope that this will influence on You to try also and this way. When you need health it wort to try everything. Also take a look at  list of US Christian drug rehab centers. If you don't like Christian rehab but want some other no cost therapy, look at post about free drug rehabs, you may find affordable options or even completely free for this type of religious treatment.


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