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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christian Rehab Centers

Drug rehab treatments in known or non known rehab centers are usually expensive. Good alternative when You need help with drug problems can be religious communities, and they are usually low cost or in mostly cases totally free drug rehabs. Today we will talk about how Christian community can help to drug addicts, but that not exclude other religious communities. About other I will write in some of next posts, today we will concentrate on how Christian communities in US can provide free help to drug patients.

I already wrote about christian drug rehab, and this time I will give small list and small review of US christian rug rehab centers with all informations and links to their offical sites. As everything else, I hope that this will help to those who need help with drugs.

Journey Rehabilitation Centers are located in South Orange County, California offering comprehensive 28-day Christian based drug and alcohol treatment programs.   Highly structured programs work on getting back to basics through Christ centered principles, individual/family counseling, group/multi family sessions, anger/stress management, pet therapy, life skills, and exercise/nutrition. In our supportive environment each resident can actively pursue their personal recovery with spiritual guidance and The Recovery Bible's 12-Step 

Mark Houston Recovery for adult males who desire to re-create and re-claim their lives. A sober living environment that is solely dedicated to teaching men the spiritual practices and life skills necessary to function in their world with integrity, responsibility, commitment and dignity.  Over the course of 90 days our residents will experience the daily disciplines of life as a sober man, beginning with prayer and meditation every morning.

Home Away Retreat offers private, world-class, addiction recovery. Non-institutional rehab that works. Turns addictions into assets. You will be treated with respect, achieve sobriety, and restore your health, relationships and career. You will achieve freedom from addiction, peace of mind, joy and purpose to your life. Your family will trust you again. Intimate home-like setting (max 8 guests), with private accommodation, wonderful meals, and individual attention. Our professional, expert staff provide you the most comprehensive program meaning you have the best chance possible to be successful. Enjoy recreation and the natural beauty of British Columbia, Canada. Find hope and health when alcohol, drugs, gambling, smoking, or compulsions are a problem in your life. Also inquire about our special smoking cessation retreat.

Penfield Christian Home is a Christ-centered ministry for reclaiming the lives of adult men suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Penfield has been in operation for over twenty-eight years, helping approximately 640 men a year find freedom from addiction and live happy, productive lives through our unique, Christ-centered approach. At Penfield Christian Home, these principles are referred to as Twelve Steps for Successful Christian Living. The ministry of Penfield is rooted in the belief that recovery from the addictive use of alcohol and drugs can be achieved through a personal faith in Jesus Christ. The men are taught to apply, through the power of Jesus Christ, Biblical principles as expressed in the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you would like to help me finish ultimate free rehabs list in US by state, please visit this page, and leave me your experiences or what you know about particular free rehab. On list will be added only real 100% non cost drug addiction programs.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Free Drug rehab

Before reading this please first visit my page about real free drug rehabs in US,Uk,CA and Europe.
Now I will say few words about free rehabs, and  why such no cost treatments can be valuable to many drug addicts, and can save their lives, especially for those who simply who want to be traeted but can't afford any type of paid rehab. Forbidden substances in modern time called drugs destroy physically and mental person, destroys soul and body. Problems which people have when using drugs are well known. Drugs destroy mental and physicality health, and to survive, people who are in situation that they are addicted to drugs need help as soon as it is possible. In most cases patients who don't ask or can't find help are going more deeply into anther types of problems with low, because drug addicts need money for substances they need. Another problem in case that addict want to go rehab, what means that he has idea of having problem, usually are costs of rehabs, because so much people simply can't afford that.

First line of help is local doctor or clinic. After that we know diagnose and if person  it is more or leas involved in drugs, person  need rehab and cleaning from drugs. Depending of part of world or country, different drugs are treated as those who need rehab for, in some countries health system sends marijuana addicts to addiction treatments and in some they don't send even heroine addicts. 

Here i will try to help those people who are living in countries in which health (social) system doesn't treat addicts like any other sick people, or in other words don't pay them for rehab programs. My intention is to give you clear picture about free and paid rehab programs that You can find.

Making the decision to get help for a drug or alcohol problem takes you a giant and first step forward to recovery. Unfortunately, for those of us without good health insurance, and without the savings we would need to pay for an expensive private drug or alcohol rehab, finding a facility that will take us in can be challenging so it is maybe best to search for good free drug rehab.

Drug Rehabs can be expensive, as much as $20 000 a month or more for a private facility, and impossibly out of reach for many of us. There are some very affordable drug and alcohol rehabs that operate as non profit or charity entities, but they can be tough to find, and may also operate with significant waiting lists.

Recovery Housing

One often overlooked option is bypassing drug rehab completely for recovery housing. It will not provide detoxification services, and in general will offer very limited therapy; but for some, they offer enough to get keep you sober during those first very tough months.

It is simply a shared residence where all members of the household are addicts or alcoholics in recovery. Most houses will mandate an active (daily) participation in AA or another form of 12 steps group involvement, and all will demand that you abide by certain rules of the house. No drug or alcohol use is permitted, in any situation, and if you do use, you will not be allowed to stay.

Very Affordable free drug rehabilitation

There are some very luxurious recovery homes, but most operate as non profit entities and individual costs are only as much as is needed to offset house expenses. With as many as 8 or more residents in a household, each person's share of the bills is very affordable, and in most cases - even if you have no money - you can be accepted into the house with the understanding that you will gain employment and start to contribute your fair share.

As all residents are in a similar situation of recovery and temptation, there is a great feeling of mutual support within the house. Recovering addicts in their addiction learn from one another how to live without intoxication, and learn once again how to enjoy life without chemicals. A lot of us begin our journey through recovery without a strong sober support network. All of our old friends still use, and loneliness can be a real problem, loneliness can trigger relapse. Recovery house friendships are the rule - not the exception - and sober friendships can help a lot to keep you walking your journey to sobriety during those first few months.

Stay Sober rehab

Offering sober sanctuary, a place to go home to every night free from temptation, the supportive environment of a home can help to keep you from yielding to cravings.

Residents in general stay for as long as they want to, as long as they feel they need to. An average stay is about 1 year, although some people will stay much longer than this!

In next chapter I will go deeply and will focus only on non paid types of treatment and organizations that provide such treatments. I already suggested that, if you need free drug rehab, you need to start searching from your local community, usually you can find such programs within religious communities or developed by volunteers. 

For next post I prepared also some info about  drug rehabs in NYC, since NYC is one of the biggest cities in US, with large number of addicts who need informations about free or cheap rehabilitation treatments.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Most successful non 12 step program

When it come to drug addicts, we always think about certain clinic. Drug problem is actualy as any other health problem, in I like rather to think about approach to healing rather than about specified clinic or place or even price.

It is much more important to know something about what methods in rehab are used in some place (clinic or recovery sober) than name of place or organization, is it fancy or not, or how much costs. In last 50 years medicine, made different ways to take care about drug diseases and addicts. Some have more success and some have less success. No body can tell you exactly what type of treatment is best for certain addicts, but also, you must avoid failing in "mainstream" trap - to choose rehab program just because it is modern last days or something similar.

Today I will try explain a bit more one of alternative drug treatment based on non 12 step methodology, which I don't claim that is or it isn't better that classic 12 step treatments, but simple presenting you, to have in mind how other options look like.

Occasionally you hear people say things like, “Hey, so and so just went to drug rehab.” Just as often, you will hear that the individual completed the drug rehab program and began abusing substances immediately upon returning home and degrading own Health on that way? This scenario is not unusual. Conventional drug rehab programs (including alcohol rehabilitation programs) here in America are predominantly 12 step drug rehab oriented. Now we will focus in this text on non 12 step programs. This model of recovery comes out of the 1935 first century Christian drug rehab approach temperance movement now known as Alcoholics Anonymous. Through the last seventy years, America has adapted this AA philosophy into several different recovery models, all of which have a different name but the same method. There is the Minnesota Model of recovery, the disease model of alcoholism (and drug addiction), and countless others that adopt the credo that substance abusers require a drug rehab program if the participant expects to survive. All believe substance abuse is a disease.

Each program holds steadfast onto the concept that without a drug rehab program, the substance abuser will end up in jail, a mental institution, or will meet an untimely death, or many other health and social problems will be posible.

It is believed (without a shred of scientific evidence to support it) that the drug rehab program can then save this person from their internal defect and keep their destructive behavior at bay, at least for one more day.

Putting aside this common but misleading doomful hysteria, how effective are the drug and alcohol rehab programs that permeate our society. And, how does the Jude Thaddeus Program fare when compared to these classic 12 step based drug rehab programs?

Although prevalent, 12 step based drug rehabs are ineffective. When Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. conducted a survey of over sixty random drug rehab programs across the country and inquired into how they obtained their success rates, most answered by saying that conducting research to acquire sound drug rehab success rates is not necessary. The facility directors who answered in this way went on to state that success rate analysis is unnecessary because the people who “really want the program” get well, and those who are “not ready” will relapse. Thus and according to these drug rehab program directors, this faulty logic proved that there was no need to track drug rehab outcomes. This method of circular logic avoids the real question of why 80% - 95% of program graduates relapsed after being treated. The success rates for these programs are well documented at a range of 5%-20%. This is the same success rate range as no treatment at all. If only those who would have gotten sober on their own (without drug rehab treatment programs) succeed to remain sober after participating in conventional drug rehab programs, the question becomes, why do conventional drug rehab programs exist? Is there a method to help the 80%-95% who relapse after the completion of conventional programs? The answer, of course, is yes. The Jude Thaddeus program™ has had an independently verified success rate of 64%  over fifteen years.

Note: Of the three drug rehab programs that did publish success rates, two explained how their program managers (directors) called ex-patients to get an idea of who was doing well, and one program reservations spokesperson stated that they were not even sure what their program success rate was, even though their brochure and website touted a 74% rate of success! In any other circle this would be called false and misleading advertising.

Making matters even worse, many drug and alcohol rehab programs have added more confusion to the contrived complications of alcohol and drug abuse. Besides the misleading and downright fraudulent claim that alcohol and drug abuse are diseases, the myth is now further complicated by prescribing mind-altering antidepressants and antipsychotic medications that are handed out liberally by ill-informed expedient doctors.  Inexplicably these well educated “professionals” prescribe these dangerous drugs for a disease that does not exist and knowing that a common side affect is an increase risk of suicide!

With all this said, the Jude Thaddeus Program™ is not a drug or alcohol rehab. It has been well established for more than seventy years that conventional 12 step alcohol and drug rehab programs have little or no affect helping people stay sober.  In fact many independent studies report that the success rate of conventional 12 step alcohol and drug rehab programs is less than no treatment at all. That is to say that participation in conventional 12 step alcohol and drug rehab programs actually decreases the probability of becoming alcohol and drug free and remaining alcohol and drug free.  The Jude Thaddeus Program™ is an educational retreat that, as we have stated earlier, has success where other drug rehab programs fall short. Why?

First, we base all our program material on research, comprehensive education and common sense. The Jude Thaddeus Program™ is effective because it teaches permanent solutions, it builds on the hard work of maturing and changing negative habits into positive action, and it makes clear how to accept positive deferred gratification through stick-to-itiveness, and carefully constructed, goal oriented plans. Although these principles are time tested, they require work, and the willingness to change.   

Addiction is a disease – the Great American Myth.  

The Jude Thaddeus Program™ does not advocate belief in the disease of addiction myth. There is no disease of alcoholism; there is no disease of drug abuse; and, there is no disease of addiction! Therefore there is no need for drug rehab programs that waste precious time using therapy to push the disease of addiction agenda. This is just one of many areas where the Jude Thaddeus Program™ departs from conventional treatment and why the Jude Thaddeus Program™ is significantly more effective than the conventional drug and alcohol rehab treatment model. Teaching our guests to take personal responsibility for their choices rather than making excuses for choices that result in poor behavior is the cornerstone to rebuilding their life. A disease by its very nature is out of the person’s control. This is simply not the case with substance abuse. Substance abusers make the choice to abuse alcohol and drugs. The millions who stopped abusing drugs chose to stop.  Choice is a behavior, not a disease.   


Inherently, people want to be happy—to have joy in their life. This is why the shortcut to happiness through alcohol and drug abuse is so alluring. While this type of quick fix to happiness can, and often does, provide temporary happiness, it certainly not a pathway to sustained happiness.  The Jude Thaddeus Program™ demonstrates through an educational process that there is so much more to life than quick fixes. The program text book, The Jude Thaddeus Program has four themes that when completed in order, transforms lives.  The themes are:  

1. Empowerment. 

“There is no disease of addiction; addiction is a habit that you have chosen. Therefore, you have the power to change this habit no matter how deep-seated you may think it is.”   

2. Analyze your entire life history, through the autobiographical process. 

“Let us look together at all the counterproductive choices you have made in your life, and then, examine these patterns in minute detail.” This is completed by the end of week three and enlightens our guest as to how his (her) life became so counterproductive and in many cases destructive. This autobiography process is a means to an end. It is not meant to be dwelled upon, but rather, it is created to make it clear how choices may have slowed the maturing process and caused grief and sometimes debilitating depression.    

3. Create a comprehensive future plan built on assessed talents, positive goals and finding joy in career, as well as in family and friend relationships. 

This theme provides the gateway to a new life. It is absolutely imperative that the guest have a well constructed plan before returning home. Being prepared for the future makes the transition from the program to the individual’s life at home a pleasure rather than a source of anxiety.  

4. The Jude Thaddeus Program offers several services that customize the program to fit the student’s needs.

Continuing Education is an additional 4 weeks of education, if needed. This program, like the 6 week Jude Thaddeus Program, is custom tailored to the needs of our guest and provides for additional help in career development, social skills training, GED preparation and acquisition, job placement assistance, college preparation, along with a myriad of other services. Because our retreat houses have a maximum of twenty four guests per facility, the average ratio of guest to staff is one teacher for every three students. Individual classes are available when indicated.   

Conclusion is that maybe we can think in direction of non 12 step rehabs,  rater than classic 12 steps rehab, since as you can see believing in something that is not giving best result, just because we heart that is synonym for drug rehabilitation, so consider non 12 steps today like Jude Thaddeus is.


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