Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oxycontin in Canada


Do you know what Oxycontin is? It is also known as Oxycodone, which is a powerful tranquilizer drug used for treatment of restrained to severe pain. But, in Canada it is also sold under various names including Oxycocet, Supeudol, Endocet and OxyContin. And it is also identified as the hillbilly heroin because of its popularity in meager regions of the United State, where overdoses have asserted more than hundred lives. Oxycontin is one kind of pill that activates on a time-frees principle, but Heroin Hillbilly is made by devastating the pills and snorting or injecting then the resulting powder. In a statistics it found that from 1999 to 2003 there had been 4-5 fold increases in fatalities where Oxycontin had been noticed in the blood stream of the deceased.

Overview of Oxycontin Damage:

• In the year 2000, The US based Drug mistreatment Warning Network reported a 4X increase in oxycodone interrelated deaths, based on the coroner and medical examiner reports.

• In the year 2001, Oxycodone mistreatment was highly exposed all through North America.

• In the year 2003, the death toll in Canada raised as hundred and one people in Ontario Canada alone died by Oxycodone in their blood systems which ten times more than the previous statistics.

• In the year 2004, the FDA braced the precautions sections and warnings in the cataloging of OxyContin tablets after lots of reports of mistreatment, some ensuing in death.

• In the year 2005, the CTV reported news as a tragic story about Kyle Blythe who was a young guy in Ontario whose existence coiled out of control. Then his doctor prescribed him Oxycontin after Blythe endured tendonitis in his own wrist. Blythe spent $100,000 getting OxyContin unlawfully and ruined his whole life.
These entire events indicate us just one thing, Oxycontin is not a simple matter of fact and it should be controlled right now.

OxyContin In Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

OxyContin has caused many overindulges and deaths in province of Ontario and. In 1990, Chief Medical inspector of Ontario, Barry Mclellan, asked the forensic department to go reverse and review every death files of drug overdoses died people from the past 5 years in Ontario. It was found that from 1999 to 2003 there had been 4-5fold increases in fatalities where Oxycontin had been noticed in the blood stream of the deceased. Moreover a lot of people in Toronto are addicted to Oxycontin. The government of Canada already takes step to control that spread of Oxycontin. But, the people consciousness is the only way to control this monster to spread.


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