Saturday, July 30, 2011

Addiction And The Basic Solutions

alcohol addiction, drug addiction pict
We need to understand that everything that exists in this world both human and natural creation must have a value to a positive. No exception of alcohol and drugs. During its existence is not misused.

Well from the alcohol and drugs abuse is the negative effects began to appear. On alcohol and drugs negatively impact the very first emerged at the same time become the strongest negative effect is what we usually familiar with the term "addiction ".

What is addiction?
Addiction is a condition where a person no longer has control over his addiction behavior. People who are addicted have absolutely no control over all aspects of his life because his life has been controlled by his addiction. Should drinking alcohol before getting to work, should smoke marijuana before bed, and so forth. All of that is used just to feel "normal."

Causes of addiction.
Both alcoholism and drug addiction are usually influenced by three dominant factors:
For fun.
Pressure from peers.
Attempts to escape from reality.

    Basic things of the alcohol and drug addiction solution?

    Create a condition where an addict was busy with some business (preferably affairs that is liked / hobby ) so it 's time to remember these things little by little be forgotten.

    Cultivate an awareness of where the addict himself who is determined to gradually change the habit. This is an important factor as well as difficult to implement.

    Keep away from environments that can affect the mind of the addict to continue using the goods.

    Families often have to advise, warn, and give more attention to the addicts about the dangers to the gentle / adverse effects of such addiction. And do not ever do it with violence.


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