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Recover From Alcoholism

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In a previous post we discussed about what it is addictive, causes of addiction and the basic ways to overcome them (read: Addiction And The Basic Solutions).  So this time I will try to discuss in more depth about ways to recover from addiction.  But in this discussion I am more specialized to the handling of alcoholism.

Immediately on the subject.
There are some surefire tips to overcome dependency on alcohol, among others:

Detoxification, which is a process for eliminating toxins that accumulate in the body.  In order for the higher level of success it must be accompanied by changes in lifestyle, as well as determination.  Detoxification process carried out by replacing body fluids or called the "rehydration".  In this process the water to break down toxins and impurities in the body.

Drinking lots of water.  To clean the toxins of alcohol we have to add fluid intake approximately 2-3 liters / day because the cells in the body needs fluids to function properly.  When detoxing, adequate fluid will greatly help the immune system.  The liquid will also launch the disposal of toxins including residual alcohol from the body.

Eating fresh vegetables and fruit.  Beet juice (beetroots) believed efficacious cleanse the liver, while the carrot juice is able to strengthen the immune system.  To support the detoxification process, combine beet juice, carrot and apple.  Cranberry juice can also be added, because it can purify the body of toxic impurities.

Consuming herbs and supplements.  Several types of herbs and supplements that contain vitamin B can help reduce physical and psychological tensions that arise during alcohol detoxification.  Consult your doctor or herbal consultant, what supplements are appropriate for each individual condition.

Exercise.  Detoxification process can trigger stress and depression, this will be mitigated by doing yoga and exercise regularly.  Since then the sweat potassium release much more balanced with fruit and vegetable consumption.  Bananas, melons, tomatoes, citrus fruits and green vegetables contain lots of potassium.

Keep in mind, the depression that arises during the process of detoxification can cause restlessness and irritability.  In conditions of severe side effects of detoxification can lead to tremors (shaking) and hallucinations.  These conditions require sedation, which corresponds to a doctor's prescription.

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