Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bad Effects of Alcohol for Our Health

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Bad effects of alcohol for our health is very diverse depending on the intensity and levels of alcohol we consume. Drinking alcoholic beverages in excess once a week have a similar effect with people who regularly consume alcohol in small amounts.

Consuming alcohol can cause various disorders such as:
Neurodevelopmental disorders.
Decline in verbal IQ.
Triggering like to break the trend in children.
Learning disorders.
Decline in academic performance.

Besides a serious threat that is triggered by the habit of consuming alcohol is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). FAS is a pattern of physical and mental disability that develops in some unborn babies because their mothers drank too much alcohol during pregnancy. According to the Missouri Department of Health, there are some problems from consuming alcohol during pregnancy:
     Size and low weight babies
     Developmental disorders
     Disability ribs and sternum
     Curved spine and hip dislocation
     Crooked toes or hands, webbed or incomplete
     Limitation of joint motion
     Small head size
     Facial abnormalities
     The emergence of the skin membrane between the eyes and bridge of the nose
     Eyelid drop
     Myopic eye
     Eyes hard to move in the same direction
     Nose slightly up
     Nasal bone concave
     There is no groove between the nose and upper lip
     Thin upper lip
     The opening in the palate
     Small jaw
     Abnormal ear shape
     Abnormalities in organ
     Heart defects
     Genital defects
     Kidney and urinary tract defects
     Central nervous system defects
     The composition of brain cells and connective tissue that is not perfect
     Mental retardation
     Learning disorders
     Low concentration levels
     Hyperactivity in childhood
     Coordination body, hands and fingers are bad

In addition to alcohol on pregnant women also have an adverse effect is no less creepy, one of our liver health. Liver function in general is as a filter against toxins, bacteria and harmful substances that enter into our bodies. By drinking alcohol to excess will cause the organ work of our hearts become worse so that eventually can cause damage to the liver is called alcoholic liver desease. On a more serious level of alcohol consumption can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis of the liver characterized by changes in the liver tissue becomes rough and loses function. Cirrhosis of the liver can progress to portal hypertension is characterized by enlargement of blood vessels in the abdomen (caput medulla). Then there is accumulation of fluid in the abdomen known as aites. In other cases the liver cirrhosis may develop into liver cancer is very deadly.

By knowing the impact of alcohol for health Do you still intend to try or to continue to consume them?. Keep your heart, one of them to stay away or stop alcohol consumption in excess of the current.


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