Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Readiness For Recovering Addicts?

Readiness for recovering addicts can be divided into several stages, among others:
  1. Phase prakontemplasi
    Stage where the addict to be indifferent to the state of addiction. Even he did not admit that he possessed a substance abuse problem.

  2. Contemplation stage
    Addicts begin to think of the problem. He began recognizes the adverse effects due to drug use, but still not willing to stop using it.

  3. Preparatory stage
    Addicts begin to plan to quit. However, he is still in a state torn between stopping or still want to continue to wear, because he would miss, if you do not do drugs anymore.

  4. Stage act
    Addicts have taken the decision to stop wearing. Shows the behavior of reducing or stopping altogether against drug use. This stage is very critical. He really needed help.

  5. Phase maintain
    Addicts continue the process that had begun in the previous stage. Still need a companion, so as not to relapse again and sane living.

Expected to know the stages you can help addicts to reach the stage of recovering more quickly.


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