Thursday, August 18, 2011

Knowing the Emotional Stages when the Addict Stops Using Drugs

Knowing the emotional stages when the addict stops using drugs is one important factor that we can continue to lead the addict toward recovery. The relationship between the addict and the drug is very tightly, so that when the addict trying to escape from the influence of drugs then he will experience some very tormenting and painful. He will feel there is something missing from him, it is this which led to the recovery process requires a long process. The addict will experience several stages, among others:
  1. Deny
    At this stage the addict will not believe that his relationship with drugs pose many problems for him, or he thinks he can run our own use in a responsible way.

  2. Bargaining
    At this stage the addict says "Let's make an agreement". The agreement may be with parents, friends, god, or with itself. Maybe he said "if I have a job, I will no longer use drugs."

  3. Angry
    At this stage the addict to feel angry, because they were forced to stop using drugs: "Why me? Why should I have this disease?". "Other people take drugs but they do not have problems like me."

  4. Guilt
    Guilt arises, when our behavior does not correspond to the values ​​we have, or with our conscience. At this stage the addict will feel very bad with the stupid things he has done and with people who have hurts.

  5. Depression (sad, gloomy and depressed)
    Depression is a reaction that occurs due to guilt. At this stage, addicts start to feel sad and helpless. He understands that he must stop using drugs, but he did not understand how he can live without drugs.

  6. Surrender
    At this stage the addict confessed that he was troubled. Surrender means you no longer able to resolve your problem and you possessed the courage to ask for help.

  7. Receive
    Receiving means addicts problematic and it is the problem. At this stage the addict to accept the fact, that he was responsible for the problem and that he alone who must overcome masalh it. Receiving is admitted that his relationship with the drug should be discontinued and the addict to take concrete steps are required, so that he recovers quickly.

Thus the seven emotional stages experienced by addicts stop using drugs armpit.


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