Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kudzu Extract to Treat Cocaine Addiction

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Researchers at Gilead Sciences Inc. Ahad, estimates that Kudzu extract trees that are being developed to treat addiction to alcohol may also be helpful in treating cocaine addicts.

Kudzu is one of the ancient herb for alcoholics. Plants that grow this vine is native to Asia, but has now spread to most of the Southeast and the United States, after being imported to control soil erosion.

Research on this plant was first done by CV. Therapeutics. They make extracts synthesis called aldehyde dehyrogenase-2 selective inhibitor or an abbreviated by using the product name ALDH2i CVT-10 216.

Results from experiments conducted on rats showed that the extract can stop these rodents consume cocaine. The extract may also prevent a recurrence of addiction so that the mice be free from the influence of cocaine.

They found that the extract works by increasing the ingredient called "tetrahydropapaveroline" or abbreviated as "THP". Cocaine addiction level makes a chemical called "dopamine" grew, and THP able to mute it.

ALDH-2 inhibitors are safe, and may change as selektf ALDH2i may have the potential to reduce cocaine addiction in humans and prevent the recurrence of the condition.

Source: from antaranews with necessary modifications.


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