Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Overcoming Addiction Without a Doctor

Overcoming addiction without a doctor?  is it possible?  answer all possible, and certainly will succeed.  However, there is a necessary condition that must be met is a determination and a strong conviction to break away from the shackles of addiction.

Maybe you've done the recovery process but it always fail?.  This is where your sincerity tested to keep trying until you succeed.  Keep pessimistic thoughts from within yourself and then cultivate the belief that you can do it!.  Yes I am sure you can do it, so why still hesitate?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Healt Agency addiction recovery by traditional means 90% failed.  What causes it?  There are only two main factors causing these failures are errors in the methods used and lack of confidence in myself to be patient about the success achieved so they do it half-heartedly.

In this case I would invite you to treat yourself.  Since you are the best doctor for yourself.  then try for much more familiar with yourself through a positive outlook.  What are you looking for in this life and what you want, and start to reach out and make it happen.  Recognize yourself and build positive self-image is a solid foundation to become whatever you want, you can!  because "you are the skipper for your life".

Addiction is not a disease, not at all!.  Addiction is more likely as an option, or what is often seen as a temporary removal of the underlying emotional pain.  A person suffering from addiction only has co-depedensi coercion against a substance in such emotional pain relief, a temporary solution this quickly becomes a trap because the body and mind adapt to need more and more of the addictive substance or behavior serve targeted.  This is known as the body's tolerance.  But if you understand Why did you make the "choice" is from the beginning of course you can also "choose" a better solution to remove the emotional pain is permanent.

You know the "key" to defeat the addiction is to uncover and eliminate the "emotional pain" and the inner turmoil that causes you to feel depressed.  Addictive behavior is based on EMOTIONAL TRAUMA.  Here is an overview of some steps to free themselves from addiction:
  1. Step 1: Unrearth Square.  Family dysfunction is a common denominator or the root of all addictive behaviors, this is the most important step of this whole recovery process.  Facing the person responsible for the emotional trauma that we experience is the most frightening situation, especially when it is done by parents or relatives nearby.  But it is also the greatest role in the empowerment and liberation of your emotional pain.  Face in this context does not mean to attack physically.  Confrontation is not intended to be an attack but rather an opportunity to straighten out and release the emotional baggage that you've been feeling.
  2. Step 2: Remove Your Emotional Baggage.  After successfully perform stage in step 1, then the pain and emotional trauma in you will feel diminished.  However, to fully free from the emotional trauma you have to cultivate forgiveness from your heart, forgive!.  How can I forgive someone who hurt or even destroy my future?.  Yes it does require considerable self-awareness.  The past is the past, and it's over, living in the shadow of the past will only make our future bleak.  Saan this life, doing good for yourself and learn to love yourself.  How can we love others if we can not love yourself?.  The answer certainly can not!.  Maybe you feel ashamed and guilty about what you do then you wonder whether you should be punished for your actions in the past?.  God never gives punishment for all human action it is man who condemns himself.  God is loving and forgiving people.  No need to lower ourselves, we currently do not have character flaws, we are all equal, we are all connected and we have the same ability.
  3. Step 3: Generate Power.  Do you want to admit it or not, all the pain and mental stress that you experience is a spiritual journey that if you are able to get past it you will become a much better person than before.  Try to cultivate the awareness that from now on.
  4. Step 4: Practice Random Acts of Kidness.  Happiness is a peace of mind.  Individuals who suffer from addiction and will never feel happy.  Ironically in an effort to find the happiness that they chose the path to cover their emotional pain through alcohol, drugs and so forth.  But the farther they use it, happiness will be getting away.  True happiness can only be found in one place and place it inside.  Happiness is not found in practice from the outside, that happiness is an act of small, random kindness that opens the heart and fuels the principle of unconditional love.  Grow your hearts love is love from little things like opening the door for someone, playing with the children so that the tranquility and peace of your hearts up and destroy all the emotional pain you've ever experienced.
Nb: Everything will happen as we wish provided we can believe in it.

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