Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tips Choosing Treatment and Drug Rehabilitation Facility

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What is the most suitable therapy to correct at one time for a particular individual?

The answer to these questions often have to involve some level of care within a coordinated period of time. Everything is a continuity of care. So, therapy and rehabilitation should be understood as a process within a specified period that involves various levels of intensity of treatment on various aspects of recovery. Selected programs within their individual needs.

There are two types of therapy commonly given to people with drug addiction that is therapeutic inpatient and outpatient therapy.
Advantages inpatient therapy is a structured living environment, lack of access to drugs, more intensive therapy, patients give the impression earnestness, and a more integrated health services.
The disadvantage is more expensive, keep the patient from home, school or workplace.
Advantages of outpatient therapy that is much cheaper, teenagers can stay home and stay in school or work.
The disadvantage is the lack of a structured environment, more absolute accessible to drugs, less intensive, less impressed by the seriousness, and lack of an integrated health service.

Some particular characteristics make teenagers more suitable in case of hospitalization of severe denial, dependency with several withdrawal symptoms, health problems, failure of outpatient therapy and there is a mental disorder, or poor family support, parents are becoming abusers, outpatient away of residence and or court decisions.

There are two important aspects of therapy and rehabilitation at the time and intensity. None of the programs are better than other programs.


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