Friday, August 12, 2011

Tips Teaching Kids About Drugs Problem

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Tips Teaching Kids About Drugs Problem.

Until now, very few children and adolescents who obtain information about drugs from the family environment (home ). There are several factors that cause it is partly because parents feel they have the ability and knowledge to it, or fear if the child knows about drug abuse then he will use it. It is very erroneous, knowledge about drugs should be administered at an early age. Obviously with the way the reasoning that can be accepted by children, do not even frighten him without no apparent reason.

There are a few tips to teach kids about drug problems:
  1. Do not give lectures.
    Childhood is a time to play and fantasize, so wherever possible do not give advice to the lecture style. It will not give satisfactory results.

  2. Stay away from formal impression.
    Teach about these drugs in various occasions, such as when watching TV, reading, sat the streets, and others. These times is a good time that allow children to receive instruction well. Especially what we are teaching something to do with her ​​own activity.

  3. Use visual aids such as drawings to describe various types of drugs. This will allow the child to understand and remember.

  4. Explain that if someone is using drugs to avoid problems, relieve pain and stress, the effect is only temporary. Because after that the pain, stress, and suffering it will come back, it will even become worse.

  5. Similarly, early steps can be taken to prevent the rising levels of drug misuse in the future.


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