Sunday, September 11, 2011

Addiction Rehab

I recently discovered that one of my good friends recently relapsed and is back on hard drugs. Let me first help you understand where it came from and how he ended up in the state it is today.

My friend got several years ago in the heavy drugs like cocaine and heroin by hanging with bad friends. He had two children and were married when he was young and pretty. While her children were very young that his wife had to turn their home because he turned to the house and was just totally out of it. Fortunately the children were too young to remember it all. A day at work, he overdosed on heroin. It was found in the sweat room by a co-worker and his heart had stopped. After being taken to hospital and overcome all obstacles, he has done in overdose.After this experience he decided not to do drugs again

and cleaned his life.

He had the rare chance to remarry his second wife, his children back, and they bought and moved into a new home. He has been clean for several years. Her story was inspired to get everyone in the community, as has been highly active in community functions.

Well, I just found out that suddenly the man was again thrown out of the house and is back on drugs, all of a? How does this kind of thing happens? Drug addiction is a constant temptation that never goes away for addicts of hard drugs. Like our temptation to need a glass of water, or chocolate, a former drug addict has these urges heavy for the types of drugs they used to be on. In the case of this man, he injured his hand and was prescribed pills against pain. Well, taking a little too led right back on the road to drug supply heavy. The sad thing is that now that her children are much older and understand what is happening. Constant continuing care programs and treatment programs are a must for some addicts and need to be a thing throughout to ensure the same happens again.

Please, if you have relatives who have chosen the path of addiction, not to stay by the roadside. Help them get into a program, and no matter how they fight or you hate him at first, they will thank you one day, even if in the next life.

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