Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alcohol detox program

So you are looking for information on an alcohol detoxification program? You have come to the right place. It takes courage to admit you have a problem when it comes to drugs or alcohol. The first step is literally telling you "I have a problem" and then take steps to eradicate the problem. You really want to change though. It is true that some people are not yet ready for this change to get off drugs, they have not suffered enough. People say you should go for it when you want out of drugs or alcohol as much as you need the air you breathe.

To do this you need to associate massive pain to not changing at all seafarers who will be in your position a few years in line with kidney and liver failure. Maybe even go see them in the hospital or watching a documentary about them on the Internet. This will make it more real for you and your brain wants to connect that drugs are painful for you. Now, you must first connect to a huge pleasure to change. Show you the benefits you get by giving up you will be healthier and able to give more to friends and family. See people in person who made the change and have remained off alcohol and drugs and they want to be your friend, role model and motivation throughout the course.


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