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Drug rehabs for women

Drug rehab

women for women are specialized institutions that are designed to meet the specific demands and needs. Most women who are addicted to drug rehab centers are the research of the drug was not a standard treatment program that is gender. A drug addiction is a very serious and potentially chronic relapsing both men and women. In women, however, the time of the abuse present many different issues, including health, sociological and physical.
To create a program of drug rehabilitation success for women, we must first understand the subject you are dealing with. Many women who abuse drugs are at some point in their lives facing major challenges that triggered an addiction. The research shows that nearly 70% of women drug users who reported a history of physical or sexual abuse.

Research has also shown that women report a history of parental alcohol or drugs, which leads to dependence. Low health problems and mental self-esteem, which are so important for women who abuse drugs are similar in that they appear both as causative agents and the consequences of drug abuse.
Many drug treatment centers in California to offer inviting feel at home, allowing many women drug addicts to lower their defenses. Happen many times women are reluctant to enter a detox center because they are afraid of what will be. They fear not being able to care for their children. Many women may have a fear of rejection by their husbands or boyfriends who can continue to abuse drugs, and in fact many times, it is the husband or boyfriend who had initially introduced to the drug. Probably one of the most important aspects to refuse treatment in fear of a woman of her friends, family, colleagues and community members could think.According of

clinical psychologist and researcher, Suzette Glasner -Edwards, PhD. "Women are particularly vulnerable because they frequently" - nextpage ->. underlying psychological problems like depression or anxiety "She goes on to state" The medication is a way for self-medication for women and men is more sensation-seeking behavior. "
With this in mind it is important for drug rehabs for women to meet the specific needs of addicted women such as:
- low self-esteem

- Depression

- Physical Abuse

- Abuse Mental

- Poor nutrition and below-average weight
rehabs drug for women not only address these issues mentioned afore they also offer many services that would make a woman drug addict feel more comfortable reluctant. Small intimate groups allow a woman addicted to feel more comfortable in the opening and sharing of personal experiences. Many of these services include:

- Family Therapy

- job training

Legal Assistance - Food, clothing and shelter> - Treatment Medical

- The social services

The success of transport Drug Rehab in California not only offer 30 or 90 day programs for their patients, the reason is that many times a woman without adequate support system is more likely to relapse back into addiction. In fact, many drug treatment centers both in California and other states offer home after initial treatment sober life until 90 they do at least one year of sobriety. Sober living program allows women to return to a normal life, taking on employment, education, and other responsibilities while maintaining a familiar support system. As life changes radically, it is more important than ever to have these constant force in the recovery.
When choosing a drug treatment for women must be taken many steps. First choose a facility that specializes in the treatment of women. Second choose a center that provides medication to the welcoming atmosphere, caring and warm. This lead to a success rate of potentially higher in women addicted

Centre Safe Harbor for the treatment of women is a warm, inviting refuge for addicts located in Costa Mesa, California. who specializes in drug rehabilitation for women. Safe Harbor Women deals with many types of substance abuse and treatment programs are designed specifically for their own. For more information on treatment centers in California visit or email.


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