Saturday, September 10, 2011

Long Term Drug Rehab

Long term drug rehab is more involved than the normal 30 to 90 day drug and alcohol treatment. It involves the addicted woman to spend a substantial amount of time focusing on not only the addiction but also the psychological reasons for becoming addicted. When a woman enters a drug and alcohol rehab center in California or any other state she has more often than not fully committed herself to the treatment of this addiction.

Mentioning long term drug rehab to an addict is often times met with fierce opposition. The sheer thought of having to be away from their family for a period of longer than the typical 30 days if too much for a woman to comprehend. Often times they may feel that a long term facility means that they often times have to admit to themselves that they in fact do have a life threatening disease. The reality is that most of women who attend a long term drug rehab center have a higher success rate than those who don’t and only a handful of addict’s actual regret going.

Benefits of Long Term Drug Rehab

Many people are all too familiar with the 30 day drug rehab programs they see on television.
While these programs are great they barely scratch the surface as to why an addiction was started. A great benefit to a long term treatment program is that it offers the same programs that a short term rehab offers and much more. There is more time to really dig deep into the heart of the addiction. It is very important to note that by just taking a detox approach to treatment may clean an addict up for the time being it will never uncover the reason for the addiction. By attending a long term treatment program individuals must come to understand not only what triggers the addiction but also learn new coping mechanisms for dealing with stressors both internally and externally.
Long term drug rehab and long term alcohol rehab opens up a great resource channel that an addicted woman can take advantage of. These resources not onlyinclude the trained counselors, medical staff and administration but also the other women who have battled through their own addictions. Many times when an addicted woman sees other recovering women succeeding in beating their addiction it shows a true life in the flesh account than an addiction can be beat through long term treatment.

One other great benefit to a long term treatment plan is that many are out of state. It is a great opportunity let’s say if you are in the Midwest to enter a long term drug and alcohol rehab center in California. A change of environment is exactly what many addicted individuals need to kick start the treatment in to high gear. It allows for less of an opportunity to relapse when home is hundreds of miles away. Many treatment programs for women have a structured beginning and end approach to treatment that is carefully laid out the addict to prevent a “homesick, I want to go home” scenario.

Safe Harbor is a treatment facility that is geared specifically for the drug addicted woman. It offers not only a 90-day treatment program but is also one of the most well regarded long term alcohol rehab and long term alcohol rehab If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol please visit or call 877-660-7623.


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